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We are contemporary with a World in which the speed of change and the overload of information are constantly interacting to disrupt our Egos.

We live pressured by the need to adapt to a continual reversal of values. In this search for amazing achievements, the favored haven lies in our ability to remain oblivious and dive into fantasy and illusion, taking pleasure in the powers and adventures of fictional characters that move us away from our rushed and impersonal daily desert.

The need to mystify in order to overcome our own limitations is engraved in prehistoric cave paintings and in ancient myths stemming from all civilizations.

The Fantastic Reality is a work of Conceptual Art. With imagination and sarcasm, it turns fantasy upside down and brings heroes to reality, challenging Fairy Tale characters to reveal their true aspirations and existential frustrations.

In our creative daydreams the interpreters are public figures, actors, bloggers, TV hosts, singers and journalists; they use their magnetic personalities to color and illustrate our project.